About us

Pizza Friends

In 2013, Da Grasso pizza chain franchise underwent a complete makeover. The rebranding and a new communication strategy resulted in a new slogan – Pizza Friends. However, this slogan is not a revolution. It stems from the chain’s well-founded approach to business and Clients.

Da Grasso is a company set up on a “friend to friend” basis. From the start, i.e. the late 90s, the chain’s goal was to create a place where friends can spend some time together and have something good to eat. This vision has evolved and now the chain’s mission is to make friends’ get-togethers better and serve meals which bring people closer wherever they are – not only in a Da Grasso restaurant but also at home, at work or at a party.

We are a group of friends who will deliver a tasty pizza at any time and to any place because we treat our Clients as friends. Da Grasso is a brand for you, which gives you great food and good fun. That’s how we have earned the right to call ourselves your Pizza Friends!


We believe that role of food is not only to fill our stomachs but also to bring us closer to each other. Our world is a world where it’s better to eat together. And our role in this world is to feed interpersonal relations. Our place is wherever people want to share a meal, strengthen their bonds and feel good together.


Our mission is to deliver the best food – the way you like it, where and when you want it. For this purpose, we develop our skills and capacity to serve the best food and deliver it wherever our friends need it.


Da Grasso chain has been operating since the late 1990s. Over the years, we have received numerous consumer awards for excellent food, atmosphere and service. However, during this time, we focused too much on functional benefits of our products while neglecting the communication with our Clients – our friends.

We decided to thank you for your appreciation and show how important you are for us. We wanted to make this pizza brand cool so that you could feel good with us and have fun. And we have made it. Now, we are making more new friends.


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